The Wild Geese

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Meet the Band

The Wild Geese is:

D Finnegan - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Jason Nash - Bass, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Robin Herne - Guitar, Tin Whistle, Vocals

George White - Mandolin, Banjo, Irish Bouzouki, Vocals

Noe Woods - Fiddle, Vocals

Bill Buchko - Drum Set, Djembe, Cajon

D Finnegan is a born and raised Son of Pittsburgh, PA. Growing up in a big Irish family sitting around a fire and singing songs of Ireland set the stage for a life's calling to music, craic, and a passion to celebrate life. After a wild ride with the Geese from 1999 to 2005 Finnegan shut his guitar case for 7 long years to go work for the Department of the Navy in Bethesda, MD. That's a long time to charge your batteries and be away from that which makes you the happiest. So - by the luck of the gods - Finnegan has returned to Pittsburgh for a much needed reunion with some old and new faces. We're a little rusty... but eager to be back with our fans, friends, and family. Finn is looking forward to many nights of "drowning the shamrock: with the boys of the Geese and creating a new experience with the fans that we love. The Wild Geese experience... it's great to be back!

Jason Nash Unlike the other members of the flock, Jason had his musical roots firmly planted in the roots of hard rock and heavy metal. Playing the electric guitar for years in a few bands led to a bass playing gig dressing as Gene Simmons in a high profile KISS tribute band (Fire breathing and blood spitting? Check). Filling in on the bass one night for The Wild Geese forever changed Jason's idea of what it is to have true fun from the stage. The music brings to life both those who play it and those who listen. The old can be young again, the stressed can relax, and strangers can magically become family. Irish music has undeniable power, and no other band wants an audience to experience it like The Wild Geese.

Robin Herne was hatched from an egg in the year nineteen hundred and two. He quickly adapted to a world of music... and other various flighty people... originally performing rock and punk. After some time, he could no longer deny my roots and joined this deranged flock.

George White began playing music from a very young age, playing percussion in school until picking up the bass at 12. After mastering the low end of the musical spectrum, he moved on to mandolin, soon followed by the banjo. Formerly playing bass in metal bands Nemesis Zero and Our Dying Moment, he has always had a deep love of Irish music and history. He has entertained family and friends at house parties with his bouzouki, mandolin and banjo, singing songs from the Old Sod and beyond. He can usually be found somewhere with a pint (or 12) of Guinness, with Tool and The Pogues playing in the background.

Noe Woods was raised by wolves in rural Illinois. She started playing on her dad’s $25 pawn shop fiddle in 3rd grade, sawed away painfully for many years, and spent her childhood singing in the woods with her three Irish-American sisters. Her favorite audience to perform for is the seven-and-under set, as she gets a lot of practice with her biggest fans: her sons Finn and Olin. Her first love, drug dealing, has caused her to live far and wide: New York, Colorado, Philadelphia, Vermont, Oregon, and the Navajo Nation in Arizona. She and her husband are finally settled in Pittsburgh, where she runs a steady business and the cops are willing to look the other way. After a lifetime of listening to Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers and playing craic in her 20’s as an antidote to school, her “fiddle strings are new and she’s learned a tune or two.” She’s thrilled to be the newest member of the Wild Geese Band. dealer.

Bill Buchko may not have Irish ancestors, but he is Irish at heart. Bill has been playing drums since he can remember and drinking since it's been legal. In 2006, Bill got to spend a little bit of time in Dublin. After spending a long night downing Guinness after Guinness while cheering on the Steelers with a bar full of the Irish till 4:00 AM, Bill fell in love with all things Irish.  One St. Patty's day a friend told Bill to bring a drum to a party. Bill asked D if he could join and the two jammed all night long.  It was like they had played together forever, despite it being their first time playing together. Shortly after, Bill joined The Wild Geese for a show. Soon after that talks began about bringing the band back to the bars of Pittsburgh.  So come out and see us, and if you run into Bill, buy the man a good beer!